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Lavender -Sweet Orange Foot Balm

Lavender -Sweet Orange Foot Balm

This amazing combo of goodness helps keep your feet from getting dry & cracked.

The combo of Sweet Orange & Lavender essential oils & ingredients hydrate, moisturize and give your feet a kiss of vitamin C. And the smell is intoxicating .......

Simple twist product and place directly on clean feet.

Comes in 2 oz plastic round twist container

-Cruelty free

-Free of harsh chemicals

-100 % natural ingrdients


Lavender essential oil

The calming qualities of lavender essential oil can help you relax and it's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties can provide natural pain relief for sore and achy feet and joints.

Sweet Orange essential oil

When applied to calluses, especially on the feet, Orange Oil is known to make an effective treatment that softens while hydrating & adds a little vitamin C love....

Jojoba Oil

has anti-inflammatory properties making it great for dry, chapped skin. In addition, it can help reduce redness, cracked skin and restore damaged skin.


creates a protective layer on the skin, makilng it great for the feet. It traps in moisture and leaves the skin hydrated. Beeswax is a good source of vitamin A


Comes from the fat found in the nuts of a shea tree. Shea butter is loaded with vitamins and fatty acids that are great for the skin.

Vitamin E

It is a natural antioxidant and moisturizing. Vitamin E oil can help with skin issues such as eczema and really itchy skin.


Natural pain reducer

Joint pain reducer

Assists with better sleep

Arnica oil

Natural pain reducer

Naturally reduces swelling

Joint pain

Wound healing

Inflammation decreases

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