All things Lavender

All things Lavender was created to cater towards self care.....we realize that no one can serve others or be the best version of themselves with an empty cup. We believe filling "our cups" can be done in three ways: Rest, Relax & Restoring ourselves....Lavender is an all natural way to do this!  Our motto: "Relax... We'll do the Rest"

Thanks for browsing my website just know I enjoy making you lavender treats

....Lavender Girl! 



Relax.....we'll do the rest!

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Just a girl who wants to make you lavender treats!

Melissa AKA Lavender Girl, makes all natural products out of lavender. Melissa is a licensed Mental Health Counselor, Wife, Mother & Grandmother, Dog Lover & strong supporter of small owned businesses. Having anxiety, sleep problems & self care issues herself Melissa has found such comfort with all natural lavender products & wanted to share her passion and gifts of servicing others so that her customers can find relief naturally as well- Self care is crucial in being able to love & service others-  Lavender is an underrated herb that helps with so many self care needs physical, mentally & emotionally. Thank you for your support of my woman owned business ..your support helps me support my family & my community of Canal Fulton!  May my products help you to Rest, Relax & Recharge! Blessings!